PNASC 2018-2020: Welcome Letter

May 26, 2018 9:00 AM | Glaizll Aeme Guzman (Administrator)

Regalado Valerio, Jr.
President 2018-2020

May 26, 2017

Dear PNASC owners:


Every Filipino Nurse in Southern California who is the main recipient of this letter is intentionally named as-- OWNERS. Yes! The Philippine Nurses Association of Southern California (PNASC) belongs to you! This entails valuable duties for all of us. Now more than ever, we need to collaborate and uphold the vision and mission of PNASC, our 57-year-old professional organization.

As the new president, I can only facilitate this collaboration of great and talented nurses towards common goals. Needless to say that I cannot make this happen alone. I need YOU, my co-OWNERS of PNASC!

My presidential strategy is to implement transformational leadership. I can achieve this by inspiring a shared vision to all by collaborating closely with all PNASC leaders and owners. I will constantly appeal the importance of each owner’s contribution towards our shared goal as an organization. I will enable every PNASC owner to act based on their chosen committee in the organization which allows them to be more accountable to the success of their respective committee projects. Most importantly, I will recognize every owner’s contributions, showing appreciation for excellence, and celebrate every victory, big or small. Because of this kind of leadership strategy, PNASC will fluidly achieve its goal to unify the Filipino American nurses in Southern California and can easily function to collaborate with other professional agencies in developing and implementing programs relevant to nursing practice, education, and research.

Fellow PNASC owners, join me! Let’s achieve our goals while having fun. Let’s make PNASC RISE!

Regalado Valerio, Jr.

23953 Rustico Court, Valencia, CA 91354

T: (310) 880-7341
E: or




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I Innovate and Inspire
S Serve the PNASC, its members /owners, and the community
E Empower and Engage

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