Message for the New Year

January 01, 2021 9:00 AM | Glaizll Aeme Serna (Administrator)

Roland Santos
President 2020-2022



Assertive Accountability
B Best Practice Environment
O Organizational Intelligence
V Virtual Competency/Presence
E Exemplary Leadership Development
B Balance
E Engagement (Lasting/ Enduring)
Y YOU YOU – Focus is YOU
O Organizational
N Nurture/Mentor
D Diversified Membership

“We will continue the legacy of PNASC where ASSERTIVE ACCOUNTABILITY exists within a BEST PRACTICE Environment that values ORGANIZATIONAL INTELLIGENCE and special consideration for VIRTUAL COMPETENCY based on the prevailing needs of the environment as we strive for EXEMPLARY LEADERSHIP. “

“We will foster a sense of BALANCE (Personal/ professional) to each of our members as we try to provide continuing ENGAGEMENT because YOU are the focus as we strive for OPERATIONAL and ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE by NURTURING/ MENTORING our DIVERSIFIED group of individual and members.”

What a YEAR!

2020 is definitely a year to remember for years to come. It has definitely affected each of us because of our roles as Professional Nurses in what was "The Year of the Nurse".

We all have compelling "Stories " to share on how each of us have been affected by the current crisis. We all know that this too shall pass. But, because of our resiliency, compassion, dedication and commitment to serving our patients and their families, we always pick ourselves up and continue to be stronger than ever which is why we are what we are now - solid and respectable members of our "Professional Nursing Organization".

We had several successes and accomplishments in 2020 and which is what keeps us going. We will not stop from doing what we know is best for ourselves and our organization.

So, as 2021 starts today, this is wishing everyone a very quiet and peaceful time with your family and friends as we reflect on the year that has been and the year that we know will continue to bring more blessings and a lot of hope and good will to everyone.

No words can express my gratitude to everyone but yes, "Thank you for what you do"!!!

Looking forward to a GREAT NEW YEAR ahead above and beyond we can ever imagine.

Sincerely and at your service,
Roland Santos 

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