2020-2022 President's Induction Speech

June 27, 2020 3:00 PM | Glaizll Aeme Serna (Administrator)

Roland Santos
President 2020-2022



Assertive Accountability
B Best Practice Environment
O Organizational Intelligence
V Virtual Competency/Presence
E Exemplary Leadership Development
B Balance
E Engagement (Lasting/ Enduring)
Y YOU YOU – Focus is YOU
O Organizational
N Nurture/Mentor
D Diversified Membership

“We will continue the legacy of PNASC where ASSERTIVE ACCOUNTABILITY exists within a BEST PRACTICE Environment that values ORGANIZATIONAL INTELLIGENCE and special consideration for VIRTUAL COMPETENCY based on the prevailing needs of the environment as we strive for EXEMPLARY LEADERSHIP. “

“We will foster a sense of BALANCE (Personal/ professional) to each of our members as we try to provide continuing ENGAGEMENT because YOU are the focus as we strive for OPERATIONAL and ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE by NURTURING/ MENTORING our DIVERSIFIED group of individual and members.”







June 27, 2020 

Today, we have reached another significant milestone in the history of Philippine Nurses Association of Southern California. Since 1961, the membership has grown exponentially from being a 15 member Filipino Nurses Club of Southern California to an organization known as PNASC with over 4oo members and 24 presidents. I am very thankful to the past presidents over the years for creating a platform and an environment where nurses value their individuality and the organization’s continued commitment to serve our community and enhance the professional role of the nurse. 

The next term will be both challenging and exciting for our new group of Executive Board. Never in our wildest dreams that we would ever be in a time where virtual transactions and activities will be a norm due to the current state of the Pandemic. But considering the resiliency of our organization, we are always ready to conquer and become stronger than ever. This is as they say, “the second nature of nurses.” 

Our commitment for the next 2 years is to invest on our members and build “equity”. Doing so will enhance a culture and environment full of personal and professional characteristics that will propel us to even greater heights ABOVE & BEYOND our imagination. 

We will promote a culture of Assertive Accountability where members can freely express wishes, thoughts and feelings and encouraging others to do likewise as well as listening to the views of others and responding appropriately, whether in agreement with those views or not. 

We will always be role-based and ensure that we function in a Best Practice Environment because in doing do so, we inculcate excellence as a norm. 

We will promote Organizational Intelligence and value the knowledge of our individual members to attract members in our organization through their creativity and expertise in the knowledge of processes. 

We will capitalize on our Virtual Competency and platform to use it to our advantages as we enhance and develop unlimited networking and relationships with other professional organizations and communities. 

We will continue to develop Exemplary Leaders and ensure that we have a well developed “Succession Planning” not just for PNASC but in their individual hospital or organization. 

We shall always promote Balance within our members. We have multiple goals and objectives in our organization, and we want to foster a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment in every aspect and activity. 

We will always focus heavily on Engagement and want to make sure it is enduring and consistent. We will maintain open lines of communication and ensure that every member related information be sent out as expeditiously and possible through various virtual and social avenues. 

Everyone will be considered a VIP because PNASC is about YOU. 

This organization was built by YOU and all the success and accolades/ awards are because of YOU. 

We will review and revise our processes as needed to ensure that members can easily navigate our systems and request appropriate feedback and recommendation to achieve Operational Excellence. 

We will continue the Nurturing and Mentoring environment that we have all have done throughout the years as we strive to promote lifelong learning and professional advancement. 

We will diversify our membership as we actively attract alumni from the hundreds of schools and universities and create a large data base for all members to connect seamlessly.

 In conclusion, we must celebrate our achievements. As we all walk together hand in hand to meet our mission, vision, goals and objectives, we will be faced with difficult scenarios and complex dilemmas. We all know that tough and difficult times never last, resilient organizations and individuals do. It is our responsibility to pass on a great organization that we have received, in a better state to the future organization.

 PNASC continues to rise and we will soar to even greater heights ABOVE and BEYOND what we have never imagined.

 Congratulations to the New Executive Board and to the Outstanding Members, Family, Friends and Supporters.

Let us continue this dedication, commitment and service, ABOVE and Beyond our wildest expectations.

Your Service,
Roland Santos 

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