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  • August 08, 2017 9:00 AM | Glaizll Aeme Serna

    PNASC 3-in-1 Event
    General Assembly, Educational Offering and Nurses Week Celebration
    My Thoughts and Experience
    Aaron Visico, MSN, RN

    As one of the newest members of PNASC, I had looked forward to participating and involving myself in the PNASC 3-IN-1 Event hosted on June 17,2017 at The Grand Long Beach. Here, I had hoped to meet new people, and re-visit familiar faces in a setting that would help contribute to my learning and development as a new nurse. This particular event allowed me to fulfill these expectations, and meanwhile, help me to understand the organization and its function throughout the nursing and patient community. 

    Throughout the day, I was introduced to both new people, as well as new topics, in which would afford myself to get a better understanding of the nursing practice. I enjoyed and learned much regarding the topics, such as: Traumatic Brain Injury, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, and Mindfulness to Nursing Students: A strategy in promoting self-care. These were helpful in allowing me to learn and understand some of the challenges posed in these areas of nursing, along with gaining assessment strategies, and providing me knowledge on the research behind the practice, while also giving me a means of applying relaxation to help care for myself. As informative as all the presenters were, they kept both myself and the audience engaged. 

    Also, at this event, I was introduced to fundamental parts of how the organization operates: finances, assembly, reports, etc. Here, I learned the impact of teamwork, communication, along with organization, and its relationship to maintaining function. Reviewing past events, outcomes, and future goals were just as important as it provided feedback from the year’s successes and even things that could be improved. 

    Ultimately, the organization is complimentary to both board-committee and member, in the sense each is able to work in unison to create something that will help lead to local community or state-wide impacting change, in regards to healthcare. Community outreach (healthy heart), Legislative human rights (bill proposals), are just a few to mention, in ways that the organization has influenced the local and state wide levels of healthcare. 

    At my first meeting, as a new official member, I was pleased, excited, and thankful, to have involved myself. I look forward to future meetings and events, as well as opportunities to help my career develop and more importantly, help the organization grow to meet its future goals.

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